Football Statement

Commitment - Respect - Unity

Be the best we can be 

  • To allow and support each and every individual in the club to be the best they can be.

  • To field teams that are near-impossible to defeat at home and super competitive away.

  • To field teams that pride themselves on winning the contested ball, making body contact with any opponent who gets in our way.

  • To field teams that are willing to put in 100% effort, leaving nothing out on the ground.

  • Win or lose, these are the measures for us all.


A sense of community

To foster an understanding of the natural evolution of individuals from dependency (someone else can do it), through independence (I can do it) to the most rewarding stage of interdependence (we can do it).

  • To protect the future of the club by making it an enjoyable place to be, and therefore a place where people want to remain involved.

  • To take pride in whatever role you fill at the football club, be it player, coach, supporter or official

  • To outnumber the opposition in the rooms after every game, both home & away, and be respected for playing hard together and bonding together.

  • To respect our opposition and the umpires.

  • To understand that wherever we go, we are not only representing the football club, but also the community of Williamstown.