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Williamstown CYMS - Round 14


Old Camberwell registered an important win against Williamstown CYMS, defeating them by 20 points and putting half a game between themselves and relegation. Cameron Wilson starred in a best-on-ground performance, and Jackson Eade kicked three majors for the Wellers. The CYs had eight individual goal kickers for the match, and were led admirably by Yuma Hemphill.


Saturday morning saw the CYMS reserves matched up against Camberwell’s reserves, a team who had displayed mixed results from the outset of the season. Given the previous string of games and a round one win against the same opposition, the reserves begun the game with an overly complacent attitude, a horrible display given the massive opportunity to jump into a finals position.

Due to said attitude the team came out as expected, flat, slow and boring. Despite having the run of the play and a decisive breeze, the team bombed away and chose to attack from the dead side of the ground. As a result the team led by only 11 points at the first break.

Wyndy was absolutely disgusted and rightfully so. It had been their worst display and everyone could sense it was coming. A lift was needed and it was thankfully met. The CYMS begun to play the game with more intensity into the wind and entered the main break with a 35 point lead.

Matthew Carland continued to lead the way for the reserves in the third quarter, bravely moving the ball to the attacking side of the ground at every opportunity. The team extended their lead by a further 20 points in the term.

Enter the final term and the game was finished. Which is exactly the mentality the last quarter was played with. Many players shut up shop and allowed Old Camberwell to show signs of life. The final term once again belonged to the CY’s, however only by two points on this occasion. It was a lacklustre display for the boys, who simply only got the job done. Given the opportunity again I’m sure that they would all like to have made this a triple figure win. Thankfully, with the win the team managed to grab themselves a spot in the four.

Good signs from the day were the performances of Matthew Carland, Jack Gialamatizis who took intercept mark after intercept mark, Matthew Johns who continued to hit the scoreboard and Brad Carvalho.

This coming week there can only be one thing on the mind of the Ressies. Revenge.


The use of the traditional farm rooster‎ was an appropriate alam clock given we had a 9:20 start at Brighton Beach Oval. Leaving in darkness and arriving at a water logged destination, we were primed to make a amends at our previous wet weather attempts this season.

OB were in no mood to rollover as they were playing to keep their finals hopes alive and showed early grit in the first term adapting best to the conditions and taking a deserving lead at the first break.

Any attempts to get momentum in the 2nd were thrwated through OBs strong physical presence, as we looked an unrecognizable team in that first half.

After a bit of self-reflection at the main break, we came out a bit more focused and were able to get on the board early. Unfortunately it didn't last and OB steadied the ship to take a handy 9pt break into the last.

Throwing caution to the wind, we went out and gave it all in the last. Continuous pressure and constant forward entries put OB's defence in question and we were able to make breakthroughs. Our efforts to fight back and then continue to ‎hold on in the last was a credit to our character. We had dropped the last couple of close ones so was a pleasing drive back over the bridge knowing we got one to drop our way.


Round 14 saw the Colts venture across to Old Scotch for a re-match of our Round 1 clash. Unfortunately, the results were reversed this time with Old Scotch running out convincing winners. Again injuries and unavailability impacted upon our competitiveness as the match progressed.

Again, to the credit of the Colts they fought the match out to the end, competing ferociously right up until the final siren. Tom Gannon and Brayden Philpott were outstanding again with their hard run and ferocious and uncompromising attack on the football. Brendan Dawson was excellent in an unfamiliar role and won most ruck contests and Julian Franze made the most of limited opportunities with 4 goals. Luke Green played well again producing his best two games for the year in succession.

As mentioned on Saturday, it is important that we stick together while it is really tough like this, it builds our character and creates a bond that will ultimately lead to success. We need to back each other and the vision and keep coming to training and playing hard in matches, as difficult as things have been this season at times, we are aleways learning.


It was a tough week for the thirds who needed a win to keep their spot in the top 4 and have a chance to play finals. Paying against a very tough opposition in last year’s premiers PEGS, the CY’s came out sluggish and put in a disappointing first half of football.

The boys were playing catch up after that and were unable to wrestle back control. Although the second half was a much more spirited and even encounter, the damage had already been done and PEGS ran out eventual winners by 8 goals.

Best players in tough conditions were Pocket Michetti, Glove, Tenno, Gatty, Farley and Buzza.

The run home now sees the Thirds play against the top 2 sides and must win both games and rely on results going our way if we are to pinch a spot in the final 4. Still a chance so we will fight to the death. The only way we know how!